The Film

Screening Information

Film Title: Mongolian Bling

Writer | Director: Benj Binks

Producer: Nubar Ghazarian

Genre: Documentary

90 minutes (For cinema + DVD)
57 minutes (For TV)

Location of filming: Mongolia

Language: Mongolian

Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin

Delivery format:

Main Cast:
Quiza, Gee, Gennie, Enkhtaivan, Bayarmagnai, Zorigtbaatar, Black Rose, Nasanbat

Supporting Cast:
Badral, Tsogo, Luvsansharav, Oskoo, Telmuun, Ganbold, Munkhsaikhan, Streemen

Production Company:
Flying Fish Films Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 232
Currie, King Island, Tas, 7256, Australia
+61 419 901 650

Cinema | DVD Distribution Contact:
Flying Fish Films Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 232
Currie, King Island, Tas, 7256, Australia
+61 419 901 650

TV Distribution Contact:
Sharon Ramsay-Luck
Head Sales and Business Development
ABC Commercial
Level 8, Ultimo B, 700 Harris Street,
Ultimo, NSW 2007 Australia
+61 2 8333 3525

Mongolia 2011.

Apartment blocks have replaced traditional tents. Hyundai’s and Hummers have taken over from horses. And businessmen walk where nomads once roamed.

This is present day Ulaanbaatar, the country’s capital and the setting for Mongolian Bling, an intimate look at an ancient culture entering the 21st Century.

Told through the passion of young rappers, wisdom of traditional musicians and sights and sound of this bustling city, Mongolian Bling explores contemporary culture on the edge of the steppe.

From the slums of the Ger District to the top of the cities apartments, Mongolia is bouncing to a fresh beat, and a new identity is being created that properly reflects this dynamic country.

Shot over two Mongolian winters, a Mongolian summer and a few weeks in France, Mongolian Bling is a fresh look on an ancient culture.

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Previous Festival Screenings

July 2012: Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Perth, Australia

Oct 2012: Antenna Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

Oct 2012: Warsaw International Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland

Nov 2012: Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival, Mexico City, Mexico

Nov 2012: Brisbane International Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Dec 2012: ChopShots Documentary Film Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jan 2013: Dock of the Bay Music Documentary Film Festival, San Sebastian, Spain

Mar 2013: First Time Fest, New York, USA

Apr 2013: ReelWorld Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. WINNER: OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARY

Apr 2013: Projecting Change Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

May 2013: Frequency Film Festival, San Diego, USA

Aug 2013: Beeld Voor Beeld Festival, Bogotá, Colombia

Sept 2013: Chiang Mai Documentary Film Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oct 2013: CineMigrante Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nov 2013: Mongolia International Film Festival, Los Angles, USA

Nov 2013: Lens Politica Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Dec 2013: Nile Diaspora International Film Festival, Kampala, Uganda

Feb 2014: Third Goal International Film Festival, Missouri, USA

TV Screenings

Oct 2012: Al Jazeera, Worldwide

Oct 2012: Australian Network, Asia Pacific

Nov 2012: Mongol TV, Mongolia

Nov 2012: ABC TV, Australia

Jan 2013: SVT, Sweden

Jan – Dec 2013: LinkTV, USA

Other Screenings

Nov 2012: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne

Sep – Nov 2012: Cathay Pacific Flights, Worldwide

Mar 2013: JUE Festival, Beijing + Shanghai, China

Apr 2013: The Hutong, Beijing, China

Apr 2013: Mongolian Embassy, Beijing, China

Apr 2013: Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, Hartford, USA

Apr 2013: Capitol Theatre, Nelson, Canada

Apr 2013: Wesleyan University, Middletown, USA

May 2013: True Reformer Building, Washington DC, USA

May 2013: The Horse Hospital, London, UK

June 2013: Cineteca @ Matadero Madrid, Madrid, España

July 2013: Tengis Cinema, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

July 2013: The Hutong, Beijing, China

July 2013: Grub and Groove, Shanghai, China

Sept 2013: The Hub, Singapore

Nov 2013: Swanpool Cinema, Swanpool, Australia

Nov 2013: Mongolian Embassy, Canberra, Australia

May 2014: Deckchair Cinema, Darwin, Australia

June 2014: La Grange, Kathmandu, Nepal

Dec 2014: Mapping Melbourne Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Feb 2015: Brunswick Music Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Jun 2018: Uplink, Tokyo, Japan