The WORLD PREMIERE of Mongolian Bling!

Suzannah is coming to the World Premiere – are you?

Mongolian Bling is about to have its world premiere!

Yeah, mad hey!?

The screening is happening as part of the Revelation Film Festival in Perth.

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Wanted: Social Media Intern for Mongolian Bling

Some of  the members of Team Bling

We’re looking for a passionate social media intern to join our team and help Mongolian Bling reach new audiences.

We’ve been making the film for the last six years and it explores Mongolian youth, culture, identity and hip hop. It has just been completed and we are about to embark on a 12 – 18 month festival and TV circuit.

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Mongolian Bling is complete!!!

The making of Mongolian Bling


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Kickstarter Update #1: A crash course in crowdfunding!

We’re running a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help us complete the film. Here’s the first update.

Wow!!! Thanks for the great response! It’s been amazing to see so many friends of the bling make pledges, and incredible to see so many others who have never heard of Mongolian Bling jump on board. Kickstarter is a new world to us and we’re loving discovering it. Thank you so much for your support and the faith you have in us.

In fact, we’ve been so inspired by your support that we’ve started editing! We are now working on the feature cut and it’s slowly coming together. It’s really exciting to be at this stage of the project and we’ll be sure to keep you up to progress with how it all goes. While we’re a long way from reaching our fundraising goal, we really believe this is a story that needs to be told and are determined to get it completed and out there.

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Another Blinger!

Consultant slash Executive Producer – Liz Burke

In a bid to make our team as deadly as possible, we have beefed it up with the inclusion of Liz Burke as a Consultant Producer (TV Hour) and Executive Producer (feature).

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Exclusive Pre Premiere Screening of the Bling!

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31 hours, 4 computers, 2 days, and one massive mixing desk.

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Cupcakes with the BBC

buuz for tsaagan sar

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Live from the Australian International Documentary Conference

so im sitting down in the lounge of the hilton here in sunny adelaide with nacho and we’ve got out eyes on a few of the potential

Another Blinger!

Sounds good – Davide Michelin


hey guys
great news – davide michelin, who i met when i did the film short course a few years back with nubar has come on board as our editor. sioux curry was involved, but has decided to make the move to teaching so it worked out perfect that davide was keen and had been following us on the project over last few years. anyway, here’s the man you’ve been waiting for………davide!

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