Help people like Tsogo this winter

Filming Tsogo and his family in their new ger

Tsogo is a one of the stars of the film but his world contains very little “bling”.

Tsogo has been doing it rough, living on the streets and in shelters for years. He has tried to get work in many places around Mongolia however without an identity card, employees are reluctant to take him on.

In early 2010, Tsogo was living at a rubbish dump with his wife and their two children. They had fashioned a home out of a bed frame, plastic sheets and blankets. Living in these conditions, he and his family would make money by collecting recyclables. Tsogo earned about three dollars a day.

Tsogo and his family living at the dump

His life took a turn for the better when the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) came into his life.

The CNCF is a charity that has been working in Mongolia since 1997, focusing on children and their wellbeing. We hung out with CNCF, filming their mobile kitchen and medical truck as it did its rounds of the markets and manholes where children were living.

Many children live underground in UB as they’ve run away from their parents or don’t have anywhere to call home. CNCF not only provides food and medical care to these kids, but also tries to keep families together and housed by providing gers through their Give-a-Ger program.


Gers are traditional Mongolian homes; circular felt tents that have been used for hundreds of years across the region. CNCF are able to distribute them thanks to donations from all around the world.

It costs just $1600USD to buy and furnish a ger.

Erecting the ger

It was these donations that gave Tsogo and his family the ger where we filmed them. By then, Tsogo was working at a recycling plant, stacking bottles for 10 cents a bag. When work was slow, he’d return to the dump to find work but rather than living amongst the rubbish, he now had a cosy home to return to.

Winter is now descending upon Mongolia with temperatures already dropping below -20˚C. In a few weeks they’ll be below -30˚C. A ger will provide families like Tsogos with warmth, safety, security and opportunities. In the depth of winter, it might just save lives as well.

Mongolian Bling plans to raise enough to buy a ger for another family doing it tough.

We started at the Melbourne Premiere of the film and raised an incredible $656. Thank you to everyone who got the ball rolling. If we can raise another $944 we can house a family just like Tsogos.

If you’d like to help a Mongolian family in need this winter, please visit the Mongolian Bling Give a Ger page.

We’re trying to track down Tsogo to see how he’s going and if we manage to raise enough for a ger, then we’ll attempt to follow your donations as they change someone’s life.

Tsogo and his family at their new ger

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  1. Tuul Batbold says:

    I’m very pleased to hear that Tsogo’s family has their own home now. Can i have details of how i can donate to future family’s ger?

  2. Tuul Batbold says:

    I actually found the details above.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch Mongolian Bling but i believe it’s a great film and must watch as soon as i can.

    Thank you Mongolian Bling

  3. Benj Binks says:

    Hey Batbold,
    Thanks for your comment. If you’d like to donate, you can visit Also, make sure you sign up for the newsletter up the top to receive regular updates.

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