The WORLD PREMIERE of Mongolian Bling!

Suzannah is coming to the World Premiere – are you?

Mongolian Bling is about to have its world premiere!

Yeah, mad hey!?

The screening is happening as part of the Revelation Film Festival in Perth.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get there and sit down in the cinema with some popcorn, a handful of mates and a room full of strangers (even though part of me is shit scared that no one will turn up!)

I have spent so much of my life tied up with Mongolian Bling that it’s be come part of me. I’ve probably watched the film over 100 times and still love it so it’s either really, really good, or I’m the world’s most boring person! Hopefully it’s the former.

Most of the crew can’t make it which sucks, but flying out west with me will be a small crew of bling fans including Steve the sound recordist and my family who have provided non-stop support since the project’s inception.

We have a massive 750 seats to fill and would love it to be a sell out so if you’re in Perth, come down.

If you have friends in Perth, let them know.
Our first review is in so check it out if you want an inside into the film! (or ignore it if you want it to be 100% surprise)

You can buy tickets to the film on the Revelation website and we have two screenings, Friday July 13th at 7:45pm and Sunday 15that 3:30pm.

In a beautiful coincidence, our film is opening on the same day as Naadam, Mongolia’s biggest day of celebration.

We have submitted the film to many festivals around the world so hopefully we’ll be screening near you soon. If you’d like to have a screening in your town, get in touch with me – we’ll be doing community screenings towards the end of the year.

So excited to be seeing the bling – hopefully you’ll be seeing it soon too.


One Response to “The WORLD PREMIERE of Mongolian Bling!”

  1. Cindy Lemur says:

    Sain bainuu!! I’m a fan from Perth! Just came home from 3.5 weeks in Mongolia, BEST TRIP EVER. Gonna try and rustle up a posse for Friday’s screening. SAIKHAN BOLLOO !! (Having a great time..?!) xx