Another Blinger!

Consultant slash Executive Producer – Liz Burke

In a bid to make our team as deadly as possible, we have beefed it up with the inclusion of Liz Burke as a Consultant Producer (TV Hour) and Executive Producer (feature).

I met Liz when I attended a short course at AFTRS on pitching, and from the very start she loved the project and was keen to be involved. As Nubar and I did the funding rounds last year, we realised that a more experienced producer would bring some great skills to the project. We asked Liz and she jumped on board straight away. Here’s a very short wrap up on what she’s achieved.

Liz is an award winning filmmaker who specialises in documentaries that engage with personal stories and confront the challenges faces contemporary society. Her project ‘Just Punishment’ is about the fight to save a young man on death row in Singapore, ‘The First Wave’ looks at the effects of climate change on Pacific Islanders, and ‘Missing in the Valley of Gods’ is a parents’ search for their son missing in India. Having produced work for both the ABC and SBS, Liz brings her experience and guidance to Mongolian Bling.

As you can see from this mad photo, Liz has been to Mongolia. Hopefully we’ll all be back there soon for the premiere.

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