Exclusive Pre Premiere Screening of the Bling!

Ozomatli rocking UB

Pre Premiere Exclusive!

Hosting 107 Zoogi FM with Andrew and Johanni

10pm at Gandan

Yesukhei holding down the fort in force gale winds

What a week! So Davide had a massive task in getting the movie exported and onto DVD, but at some ungodly hour, he managed to punch it out and Nubar delivered it to me on the night of my departure. I had spent endless hours out at Davide’s doing the final touches and making wood fired pizzas – gotta love an editing suite that has a pizza oven in it!

We had a sneak preview for people who have been involved with the project, and got some great feedback to really make it tight, as well as create a one hour version for TV – thanks to everyone who came down and gave their feedback. Really appreciate it.

After a rush to Violet Town to pack and back to Melbourne to get the last of my equipment, I left Melb just after midnight, swung by Singapore for some dumplings, and then had 8 hours transit in Beijing. In a lapse of Chinese customs, I couldn’t check in for my next flight so was let into the country with no visa! First for me. Like any luxury traveller, I headed straight to The Hutong Rooftop for left over food and cold beers with a bunch of mates who snuck outta work early for a quick drink. Then it was back to the airport, and up to Mongolia.

I love Mongolia.

I landed just in time to catch Ozomatli playing on the main square in a great concert – tho there was crazy security and we were miles from the stage. But all’s good – I’m staying with my mate, Steph just near the clinic in a cool apartment. Been pretty busy eating mutton and drinking vodka and catching up with mates. I’ve caught up with Quiza, Gennie and Enkhtaivan, and will be seeing Gee in a few days. Just got back from catching up with Badral whom I will do some filming with tomorrow, and have a bunch of people to track down to make sure I have the correct names of songs and so forth. Unfortunately Seggie has a full time job, but I have found a great translator, Yesukhei, who just graduated yesterday and is full of energy.

This week we’re starting to do a lot of filming, as last week was the conference, and the exclusive pre-premiere of Mongolian Bling! The conference was titled ‘Cultural Practices in Post-Soviet Mongolia’ and was hosted by the American Centre for Mongolian Studies. The film screened at the end of the first day and drew the biggest crowd which was pretty awesome. I also got up and did a Q’n’A afterwards and the audience was extremely positive, the Mongolians especially happy with the topic of modern Mongolia and the social commentary of the film. Afterwards, I obviously went out and celebrated with Har Chinggis (the no. 1 mongolian vodka) and sang karaoke into the night.

So now I have a fading hangover and a few weeks to get all the shots we need to wrap up the 90 minutre version, and cut the TV hour version. Its super windy today, but it should calm down over the coming days and we can get the missing links. Its great to be back here, especially not having to wear layer upon layer and its been great to see everyone.

Katherine (our no. 1 groupie) and Emme invited me onto their radio show and we did an hour of Mongolian hip hop, and then I hosted a show with 2 good mates who are back in UB – Johanni Curtet and Andrew Colwell, which resulted in a guitar jamming throat singing spectacular! Mad fun guys!

We’re planning the premiere later in the year (both here in UB and in Australia) so stay tuned to see the bling on the big screen!!


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