31 hours, 4 computers, 2 days, and one massive mixing desk.

keeping griff in line

griff and davide mixing

grading enkhtaivan

griff mixing

sneak preview!

Live from Sing Sing Studios. Melbourne, Australia.

Its nearly tomorrow and Griff and I have spent all weekend (well, 31 hours of it) mixing the doco, with technical support from Davide, lunch from Steve, some tunes from Ned, and Nubar came past to smoke cigars and sign cheques as all good producers should! Thanks to the huge hearts of Kaj and Judy here at Sing Sing, we’ve been able to mix the album in their incredible space.

Griff has been working his magic and the doco is sounding great – we will be back on Tuesday to continue working on it, but its really sounding awesome and most importantly, loud! Man I love descent sound systems!

While Griff has been doing the mix, Davide is working on colouring the film to make sure its looking 100%. All this is happening in somewhat of a mad rush as we have recently received great news here at Bling HQ.

We have been invited to Mongolia to present Mongolian Bling at a conference titled Maintaining Cultural Practices in Post Soviet Mongolia! I am flying out there to present the film, and will have a chance to get some extra shots and organise a Mongolian premiere.

So we have a few days to get everything together so its looking as schmicko as possible for Mongolia. The audience is going to be great – mainly academics and professors of Mongolian studies and Central Asians studies, and we already have requests for the film to be used in universities as a teaching aid! Whohoo!! I’ll be out there for a month, and then back to make the final touches and have it looking 100%.

Nacho has taken off back to Madrid after an epic amount of editing with me here up in Violet Town. Massive hugs mate. I’ve been crashing in Steve’s place as he’s been making vampire movies up in the bush – thanks mate.

Gotta go pack my stuff! See you in Mongolia!


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