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we had the bbc for lunch
K. So after some manic times on Mongolian Bling, I finally have some time to sit down (in my hammock in the front yard), and bring you up to speed.

Biggest news of late is our trip to AIDC. Two weeks ago, nubar, nacho and I flew across to Adelaide to take part in the Australian international documentary conference. Mongolian bling had been accepted as one of the projects to take part in Meetmarket – a foot in the door to the world of buyers and distributors with meetings set up prior to the event. We arrived on Tuesday morning, as nacho went to work on burning dvd’s for us to hand out to TV exec’s, nubar and I went to a debriefing. We had 8 meetings lined up over the coming 3 days, plus we had a bunch of others who we had to chase down.

Nursing a hangover from the opening night, we met with our first 2 networks – ITVS from America and the BBC from the UK! Talk about jumping in the deep end. We had submitted our project to ITVS already, and they were excited about seeing the extra work we had done, and the BBC, while after something slightly different to how we have the project now, were also super keen to check out what we had shot.

These 2 meetings set the mood for the rest of the week, and we continued to get great feedback from others including Aljazeera (who are also super keen to be involved) Nat Geo (who are keen to screen it when it’s finished) and many distributors for Europe and America. We also had great support from FilmVic who have funded us already, and ScreenOz who were amazingly helpful in preparing us for what to expect.

Cause we were so busy with meetings, I was only able to get to a few of the seminars and discussions that were talking place, but we did manage to meet some great people, and checked out a bit of the fringe festival that was happening there. we also got loads of comments on our branding – thanks largely to tom hederics who has been amazing in making our flyers and brochures, mikey for all the online support, t-shirts that james Bryant for the t-shiits, the guys at squareweave for the site (new one coming soon!) and steve plarre – aka cakeman – who supplied us with some amazing cupcakes – each individually branded with our logo! Massive thanks guys. We are planning to get some more t-shirts done soon so let us know if you would like to buy one to support the bling!

Prior to Adelaide, nacho and I celebrated Tsagan Sar – Mongolian new year – and made some buuz and broke out the vodka. We managed to make some pretty impressive buuz, so much so that even my mum thought it was a great meal! Was really nice to have some Mongolian food again, but we were missing steve, Seggie, and the Mongolians.

We also had a small test screening of the doco for those involved, so when we got back to violet town, it was straight back into the editing for me and nacho, as we tried to get everything together for the Melbourne international film festival. Then, just a few days ago we got lucky when the deadline was pushed back 3 weeks, so we now have a bit of space to breath, and are trying to get it looking spot on.

We’re heading down to Melbourne this week to work with Ace, a Mongolian living in Melbourne who is going to make sure that the subtitles and Mongolian are making sense, and then 3 days with davide to really try and make the rough cut tight.

We’re entering a pretty exciting part of the doco, and the story is really taking shape. Pretty much all the translations are in and we are starting to see what we have.

Cant wait to show you some of it!


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