Hours upon hours sitting watching this screen!

The Story!



Trying to find some time to get this out there, but things are manic when you’re in the groove of editing! Nacho and I are holed up in violet town working on the rough cut at my parents and its really taking shape. January has been a busy month for everything bling.

At the start of the month we had a meeting with Steve, Griff, Mikey, Nubar Nacho and myself that resulted in a change of plans that led to nacho and I working on the doco full time for 2 months. Mikey is getting stuck into the marketing and publicity and Griff is getting the concept of soundscapes (something I came up with the first time we went out to Mongolia but didn’t have time to get together). And cigar toting Nubar is busy getting ready for AIDC so we can hit up the buyers when we get out there.

As far as the story goes, its been great to get stuck into it. As the translations have come in, it’s been great to see exactly what we have and we’re slowly starting to piece it together. we have worked out a basic storyline, and have started assembling a rough cut whilst we try to land some funding to get an editor on board. Davide Michelin has been awesome enough to come on as a consultant editor and has been guiding us as we start to make inroads into the editing. we’re waiting on more translations to come in which hopefully will happen this week.

I caught up with Griff this weekend and we finally managed to get one of the soundscapes roughed out. The soundscapes are small sections that are going to be in the film that have sampled sounds from Mongolia to create a track with matching visuals. We have been working on the rural one and after a few years of imagining it, and a few hours of failed attempts, its been great to see it finally start to come together.

We also met up with Davide and Nubar to chat about how the story is developing and we really feel as if there is some gold in there. there’s a few holes, but we know what they are and are now trying to get back to Mongolia to make sure our story is as solid as possible.

Anyways, back to it!

More when I get a chance to breathe.


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