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Sounds good – Davide Michelin


hey guys
great news – davide michelin, who i met when i did the film short course a few years back with nubar has come on board as our editor. sioux curry was involved, but has decided to make the move to teaching so it worked out perfect that davide was keen and had been following us on the project over last few years. anyway, here’s the man you’ve been waiting for………davide!

When filming explosives training videos led to shrapnel destroying two of his cameras, Davide decided to enrol at VCA Film and Television School. There he met friend and mentor Nubar Ghazarian. He went on to make documentaries in Italy where his feature TV film “Vivere una Favola” was acclaimed by Olmi and screened by national broadcaster RAI. In Oz, he shot and edited “Yamaji Man” (ACS-Best Cinematography-Documentary). He edited “Opshop Girls” (Best Doco – Atom Awards) and was Consultant Editor for “Kids’ Business” which won the 2009 Australian Human Rights Highly Commended Award in Television.

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    interesting blog. good luck

  2. bukhu says:

    supporting you guys. i’ve got a connection with art & music industry mongolians in australia.