New Blinger!

Sound Mixing – Griff Burnell

That’s right folks, my mate Griff Burnell, famous for his audio recording, mixing and mad table tennis skills has come on board as sound mixer for the bling. As we’re flat out at the moment, I’ll let his bio do the talking – more soon!

Griff is a Melbourne based producer, guitarist and laptopographer, recording and mixing music in both his home studio and at Sing Sing Studios. A guitarist at heart, he turned his hand to production some years ago after discovering the joys of an MPC and has since produced a variety of music for other artists, film and multimedia. When not beating his friends at table tennis, he divides his time between working on his own projects and assisting producers and engineers at Sing Sing.

Awsome to have you on board Griff. See you on the table tennis court.

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