Shamans and Underground Rappers

shaman! yeah!

deez and aso bombing the wall

massages looks very similar to swine flu

homies on the slope

filming gee’s clip in the ger district

After a few slow weeks, we’re now super flat out with the final weeks of the shoot and looks like things are only going to get more manic!

A mate of mine from Beijing, Vanessa rocked up 2 weeks ago (with no visa!!) and brought with her a new camera so I’m super excited about having a camera again and have been filming with it loads. Great to have a second camera as well. Thanks Van!

Lately we’ve been hanging out with Gee, a rapper whom we met last time, quite a bit. Last time we were here he was working on his 1st album, and now 3 years later, he’s about to release his third. As one of the more proactive artists here, we were keen to catch up with him and see what was going down.

He met us out front of our apartment and we all crammed into his car to head to the studio he was working with. In the basement of an apartment block we listened as he lay down the lyrics to his tracks in T Records. Two mates – Tombar and Bumbar work together as a recording studio and filmclip production house. Tombar is T Records, and Bumbar is 2016 studio – the quality of mixing and especially the clips is amazing. Check out this clip that we saw the making of 3 years ago that Bumbar made in his bedroom studio prior to moving here.

We also hung out with Gee at HiFi Radio where he runs a radio ship called HiFi Jam – playing hip hop twice a week to the youth of Ulaanbaatar and the other day we went out to his hood to watch him film his latest film clip. Next week we’re doing an interview and trying to talk him into showing us his home and family – something he’s slowly warming to!

Then, just to totally juxtapose that, we met and interviewed a Shaman in a gorgeous ger – a traditional Mongolian circular felt home similar to the Central Asian yurt – complete with candles and incense burning, offerings stacked around stuffed animals, and a massive live eagle perched on one side of the ger. The shaman told us about the traditional music that the shamans have used for hundreds of centuries and invited us back to observe a ceremony when he returns from the countryside next week.

Feeling the traditional vibes, we were also lucky enough to meet one of the countries most awarded traditional musicians who agreed to do the interview (for a modest price!) and show us the countries traditional instruments. We’re catching up with him next week.

We also;
got out to the ger district and have started hanging out with some kids who are writing and rapping,
are filming Quiza all Saturday as he prepares for his concert the following Saturday,
filmed a few graffiti artists as they bombed a wall near the train station
ripped it up at the new ski resort that has opened just 13km’s from downtown UB!
Had a massage!

And in the coming days will also;
film a beatbox crew,
film some break dancers, and
celebrate the fact that the swine flu imposed 9pm curfew has finally been lifted!! We went out last night and saw the great Altan Urag play!

Back to it!

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