Female rhymes and FilmVic funding!!

Gennie taking down Steve for poor sound quality

There are no hip hop albums by Mongolian chicks, however Gennie may just be the first to release one.

I met Gennie briefly when I was here 3 years ago. She had featured on an track by a group called Masta Flow, and aside from having an incredible voice and style, she was one of only 2 girls who we met who were rapping and the only one to have had a radio released track.

Three years later she is writing more than ever and working on her first album with producer Enkhtaivan, one of Mongolia’s hip hop godfathers from the band War and Peace. The last two weeks we have been hanging out with her loads.

We first went down to husband’s family’s house where she spends half her time and she showed us some of her latest tunes and introduced us to her husband, baby and her husband’s family. Afterwards we headed to uni with her, and then a few days later we caught up with her as she went to the studio of some young ’underground’ rappers to give them some tips on their tracks and raps.

We followed her into a studio that we had to enter through a corner store, and listened as she put down some tracks, and we also caught up with her producer, Enkhtaivan as he spoke about her potential and what it was that drew him to work with her.

We have just done a great interview on top of an apartment block overlooking the city and visited her grandma who pretty much raised her and is still one of her best friends. In their 4th floor apartment, Gennie taught up how to make buuz – traditional Mongolia dumplings – while her high energy grandma ran about making jokes and insisting we sit down all the time. She asked me if I was married and when I said no, she said ‘Good! Don’t get married. Women take up too much of your time!’ I think there’s another doco in her alone!

10,000 miles away in sunny Australia, Nubar received news that Mongolian Bling had successfully landed funding from FilmVic! We were lucky enough to get Advanced Script Development Funding, and then a few weeks later we hit the jackpot again and came thru with X-Platform funding! X-Platform is basically web relevant funding which means that along with the new site, Mikey will be able to really push the bling online and when we’re ready for it, we can afford to get a smashingly good site made by Squareweave.

We got 2 weeks and its going to be a busy 2 weeks. My mates Griff and Trace get out here in a few days and will be helping out with the sound and photography. Then we’re jumping the train back to Beijing for the flight back to Melbourne. Nacho is heading back with us so we’ll be sure to have a party when we get back – mutton and vodka. Yum.


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