Live from the edge of the Mongol empire

Story Development with Bojun Bjorkman Chiswell

And so it begins! After a manic few last weeks, I’m on my way to Mongolia! I’m taking the scenic route and have just landed in Kunming, which is in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. I’m about to shoot a promo for my mates Mark and Vinny at the China Charity Challenge – an 8 day bike ride through some of China’s more spectacular and remote regions. I’m also enjoying some sunshine before heading north – I see that nights in UB are already hitting nearly -10!

The last few weeks have been manic with preparations for the trip. I have been lucky enough to have spent hours on hours with Bojun Bjorkman Chiswell working on character development and nutting out just which of the hip hop stars and other characters have got the most capturing stories. Bojun – huge thanks for helping out with the story!

And on the technology front, the very smart kids at Squareweave – Luke Giuliani and Will Dayble have jumped on the Bling Bus and are currently putting together a website for us!! I’ll let you know when its up and running – in the meantime you can follow us on Facebook, twitter, or here on the blog. Massive thanks Luke and Will.

Steve and I did a last minute equipment check on Saturday and everything is running smoothly, and Nacho is busy organising flights and visas (which thanks to cheap airlines, is cheaper to fly Madrid – Barcelona – Madrid to get a visa than pay for a courier!!) and is all set to head over.

Another investor has come on board which is awesome and we are now getting ready to hit UB. I have managed to pack super light and have a great set up that I’ll get to test out here in China before heading up to Mongolia.

We are planning another round of T-shirts in the near future for those of you who have been asking for one. Possibly in the new year with a return event. Ideas and thoughts and acts and volunteers welcome!!

Internet is rough, and censorship is tight here in China so I’ll try to get these updates out when I can or pass them over to the rest of the team. 1 month till the shoot starts!!! Can’t wait!

Peace – Benj

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