The Bling’s Still Shining….

Hey Y’all
So, I’m flat out and no time at the moment to sit down and write all the emails I want to. I’m still in Beijing. Been teaching photography and working part time at The Hutong, and doing freelance photography here and there – just did a great trip with GAP (Canadian version of Intrepid) where I was the photographer for a two week trip around China. Awsome. Hoping to do more with them. Haven’t had much time to work on the script for Mongolian Bling since the 6 weeks I spent on it in Thailand at the start of the year, but am getting ready to jump back into it. Have just booked a ticket to Mongolia, and will be heading up there mid July to hopefully wrap it up!!!

The script is in a rough stage, so I will be working pretty much on getting it refined. If I have time, I’ll also try and get some clips online. Anyway, updates should be pretty regular from here on in so stay tuned to hear that latest of Mongolian Bling. Big thanks for all the support over the 18 months we have been working on it!! It’s getting there and keeps me going!

Also, if you want to know what Beijing’s skies are really like, I have just started a daily photo blog at

Huge love to everyone and hope to have the doco out this year to start a fresh in 2009. Man, this year is flying! Hope you’re all well.

Peace – Benj

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