unconventional ways to meat your mongolian neighbours, with piona whittaker

take one sink

one plug

any grubby undies or socks you have lying around

wait until about 2am

put the plug in the sink

put the undies and socks in the sink

fill with water

turn the tap, not quite, but almost off


and so we finally met our neighbours! it was 6am. and they were kinda pissed off. and thier bathroom had water coming thru the ceiling. and paint was peeling. and the electrics were doing something really weird! and they were standing in water. but it was great to finally meat the family whom we’ve lived above for the last 3 months and never spoken to!!

so, things are coming to an end again!!

just extended my flight for the 5th time – and this ones for real!

things are still roaring along – tho i’ve gone and put myself on crutches for a week. not exactly sure how i did it, but its been interesting hearing the remedies that i should be applying to it. its only been a week, and already i have been told to wrap it in thin slices of salted horse meat, to piss on cotton wool (big piss) and strap it to my foot, then theres also the option of soaking cloth in strong black salty tea and applying that, or finding a small bird, and eating it. but, i visited a shaman and have gone with her remedy. heat 3 litres of milk up (fresh, not pasturised) and when simmering, add 500ml of youghurt. stir to create a curd like thing. set aside to cool. now, take a chunk of sheep fat and warm it up. rub the sheep fat over the area (esp if there’s swelling) and then take the warm curd and pack onto affected area – strap it there with a gauze bandage. keep for 3 hours!

now i’m off to get another massage (read torture session) from the shaman.

ouch! back again. there’s something hot about a shaman who can multitask – massage the bad energy out of my foot AND send txt messages at the same time!!

so in documentary world.

have sorted a team of translators who are getting all the interviews into english and we are really starting to see what we have here – its pretty exciting! we interview more bands – find out more about jason, the mysterious supposed godfather of hip hop here in mongoila. its a pretty humourous story. a bunch of people whom we have interviewed – namely older ones – have sited a guy called jason whose last name is probably godfrey (maybe cyrus) is half black (most likely ghanan), half british, and possibly half porgutuese – tho more likey was living there. and had a band there called lumino. and his brother is a famous british basketballer. anyway, he was apperntly here 1996-1997 teaching english, and teaching a bunch of kids the art of hip hop. now, noone has his contacts, and we are trying to chase him down for an interview!!! any help anyone??

interviewed a 10 year old called MG (the kid rapping on the hummer), plus mongolias only gansta rappers – freedom, and a guy called enkbayer who was in a band called honh (bells) who wrote became the soundtrack to the end of communism here in mongolia – one of the first true free expressions. interviewed lumino, black rose (15 year old techno rap band with lots of humour), a mover and shaker called natsgaa who runs a radio station, a chain of record stores and is pushing live music here, a mission around the national history museum, and saw an amazing band called the legends at the irish pub who are aa bunch of kids who are playing traditional instrument, but coming up with new rocking sounds. all we need now is to get some similarly talented muso’s playing hip hop! interviewed a tv show host, and also appeared on a radio station – talking about our project and playing some aussie and other hip hop. tzu and hilltop hoods – if you’re listening, half of mongolia was bouncing to you the other night!!

i’ve been getting hassled by a journo about photos for a story that she is writing on the scene and project, so dragged freedom outta town and did a great photo shoot with them – really beautiful scenery and great guys with a great sense of humour. have got two photography mates over here – dan and carl – and they are getting a bunch of shots for us. planning shoots with most of the bands that we’ve interviewed so any idea – toss them this way. i’lll put some up on the website for all to see. huge thanks to dan and carl for helping out.

fiona snuck away tuesday this week. she’s extended her stay once, and was keen to do it agian, but all good things have to come to an end (i’m delaying mine for as long as possible) hgue huge huge thanks piona! was a fucking journey mate and i appreciate all the passion and love and thought and energy and time and vodka that you put into this to make it happen. look forward to having a beer with you back in reality!! enjoy the beach – i;m dying for it now!!

so now its just me. i bunged my foot somehow, so have had the week on crutches, just getting off them now. leaving here 2nd of april and back to melbourne monday 9th. 7am. whoever picks me up, please bring a meat pie and a big m!! yoda and i are pretty busy – chasing artists to try and get filmclips and footage and photos, and even landing more interviews. ran out of tapes so trying to find real ones (sales girls tell me the $1 are real and the $10 are real and i cant tell the bloody difference!!) also, heading underground with some street kids to find out if they are using hip hop – know they are fans, not sure if they are writing their own stuff. did a presentation at a rich kids school (hi cat!) and they seemed pretty interested – even responded to the footage of the kids from the ger districts rapping.

so its all coming together. interviews. footage. other stuff. now i;m off to see my mate andrew who does a jazz night here (double bass) and drops some throat singing in.

anyone know a hip hop band who wants to tour – they would love it out here!

peace out – Benj

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  1. Loudrapbeats says:

    “Hip-hop is sometimes perceived as an monolithic culture, but I like to think of it as a large pot of gumbo with a mix of ingredients that includes poetry, narratives, conscious rap, and yes, some hardcore hip-hop. I want to showcase all sides of this blood-baking, soul-shaking, culture-shaping music we’ve all come to love and know as hip-hop.”\par