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rock and roll!!!

well, hip and hop!! things are moving along real nice over here in ub. met a producer who has worked with a load of the artists in mongolia and he took me to the artists end of year, slash new years bash and i met a load of hip hop artists. chatted to a few of them and will be interviewing some of them in the coming weeks. also met mongolias version of the strokes, the lemons, all girl band, kiwi, heavy rockers, bulsara, and some of the countries top actors!!! pretty funny night. took place in a fancy restaurant that brewed its own beer and served fried meatballs with chips. a load of the bands preformed during the night and a few awards were handed out for the years efforts.

then a few days later i was in the music shop. i’ve met a cool guy who works there called bayanaa who is into his hip hop so i occasionaly drop in to find out any news i should be knowing about – and he’s like…..that guys a rapper…..casually pointing over the isles of bad hollywood dvds and beyonce cds. the guys name is mogi – rap name is gee – and turns out he is recording a track that weekend. so days later, i find myself in a cosy little recordign studio behind the main rd in ub with gee and his crew…..”click, click, BOOM!!!!” they do some recording and he tells me this young rapper is coming in to feature on the track, and its this 10 year old kid!!!! i’d actually seen his filmclip at the abover mentioned party and had wanted to find him – he’s 10 yeras old, and raps this track from the bonnet of a hummer!!

after we have heard him laying down a few lyrics, mogi and his crew head outside to have a smoke so i follow them. hanging around the door is a bunch of young kids and i get chatting to them about hip hop – they love all the usual mongolian stars, and all the kids are singling out this one kid saying….”he raps!!!” he raps!!! of course i dont know their sayign that and my translator doesnt tell me, so i nearly miss it, but this tiny kids spontanously busts out this incredible rap in this husky rich voice!!! half way thru, he switches to a higher voice and finishes off the rhyme, walking out fo shot and two minutes later has dissapeared alltogether! i’m now on a mission to find him again and quickly learning how to make a doco!!!

anyway, so mogi is recording his debut album. we are heading out wiht him and this young rapper – mg – to film them making thier filmclip next week. also have just got the number if my favourite rapper, quiza who has recently released an album (and some awsome filmclips) so will be catching up with him in the future. at the prison we are trying to organise some kind of workshop for the kids with some rappers or bands or something. is a slow process. today i went out to the ger district with jana and visited some family development centres (school slash day centres slash community centres). kids go there in a schools sense, but it also promotes the idea of community – interestly, there is no word for “community” in mongolian, so things aren;t done as a community. family is big. community is not. spoke to the kids about hip hop – they all love it out there and some even busted out some raps, although there were quite shy. they are having an activities day out in a few weeks and hopefully i’ll be able to go along. jana was there to hand out shoes – its winter here and some of the kids are doing it pretty tough. unfortunately, the building that one of the centres is based in is being taken back by the local government, and they have to move out in two days – only problem is that they have nowhere to go. four years they have built up this centre and are providing educations for hundreds of kids, and now, as of sunday, they are locationless. check out more of the amazing work that jana is doing at

i have hired an excellent translator called oyunbileg who is eager to help out wiht all aspect of the project and has a great adventure spirit. hes from the country and regularly goes on horse rides and has a dream of taking a group of people on mountain bikes from lhasa to kathmandu. he also looks like johnny rose. your mum ever lived in a ger john?! here at my home, my family is in mourning as i am about to move out. have rented an apartment as nacho is on his way, and fiona might be coming – haven;’t heard from her at all since i left so if anyone knows anything – let me know!!

i cooked my family dinner last week and ever since they have been looking forward to me moving out! i took them on a little culinary journey. leaving the world mutton, potatos, carrots, mutton, onion, noodles, and mutton, we arrived (wiht a little hesitation) at the land of new and exciting vegetables and meat that isnt boiled and boiled and boiled! not brave (read suicidal) enough to cook a meal without meat, i opted for a nice little beef stirfry. there was a lot of interst in the kitchen, and dosma (mum) nearly fell off her stool when i put the meat into the zany combination of soysauce, honey and lemon. both her and jama (dad) replyed “i’ dont know” when i got gungaa – my bro – to ask them if they were going to eat my food!! but they ate most of it and seemed to enjoy it. it was the first time they had eaten brocolli, capsicum, bean shoots, fresh ginger and brownrice so points for their adventurous spirit! may try a mushroom cream fettucine before i leave this weekend to leave them a reminder of the mutton fat hating aussie! jama was nearly in tears when i cut the 200 odd grams of fat off the beef and made me put it in the fridge so he could eat it the following day….nothing like steamed fat fro breakfast!!

looking forward to being on location for the filmclip shoot next week and an apartment where i have my very own key and dont feel guilty rocking home as the clock strikes 12.

be good to your neighbour – benj

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